Deploying a .NET 6 Web API and a MySQL Database with Azure Pipelines

SELECT @@character_set_database, @@collation_database;
Server="{mysql-server-name}";UserID = "{your-user}";Password="{your_password}";Database="{your_database}";SslMode=MySqlSslMode.Required;SslCa="{path_to_CA_cert}";
Server="{mysql-server-name}";UserID = "{your-user}";Password="{your_password}";Database="{your_database}";SslMode=Required;
  • 1- The configuration to use .NET 6 will be added
  • 2- The application will be build (unit tests task is comment since there are no unit tests in this project, but I left it there in case you need to use it in your project, then you can just uncomment this task)
  • 3- The application will be zipped and published to the pipeline artifacts
  • 4- The application will be deployed to an App Service
  • 5- EF Core will be installed
  • 6- The SQL Script will be created, based on the EF Core migrations we have in the project
  • 7- The SQL Script will be added to the pipeline artifacts
  • 8- The SQL Script will be executed in the database



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Henrique Siebert Domareski

Henrique Siebert Domareski

I've been working with software development with .NET since 2011, and love programming and solve problems using clean code particles.